Information for Return to School Programs


Preliminary planning for Prep and Year 1 Return
As I mentioned yesterday, we need to implement school based "covid friendly" practices to maximise the efforts to maintain the safety of our whole school community during this pandemic.

Morning Entry Routine:
On Monday, parents and students will be greeted at the gate from 8:15am by a member of staff. Staff will be positioned throughout the school to guide our returning students to their appropriate locations. Prep and Year 1 students will go to a designated area as directed by staff. Preps will be collected to walk to class with their classroom teacher and Year 1's will move to their classroom at bell time. Students of essential workers in Year 2-6 will meet outside the tuckshop.

We respectfully request that students do not arrive at school prior to 8:15am as there will be no supervision. We also ask parents of Prep and Year 1 students not to walk their child to the classroom to limit the number of adults on site. Our new fencing and extra supervision will help to ensure students remain in the school grounds once they have been dropped to the student entry gate.

The gates around the school will be closed at 9:15am until 2:30pm for next week. If parents need to enter the school during these times they will need to enter through the administration gate. We ask that where possible if you have enquiries you either contact classroom teachers via e-mail or call the school on 3361 8444 to arrange for a call back. This will ensure we limit the number of adults on the school site at any time to support the safety of our whole school community during this unprecedented time.

Afternoon Pickup Routine:
School will finish as normal at 3pm each weekday. From 2:30pm onwards Prep and Year 1 Students will be walked from their classroom to the front pick up area where they will sit in their classes to wait for collection. Again, we ask that parents remain outside of the school gate at pick up. If you are walking from the car park to the front of the student gate you may like to arrange a set location that you will stand near the fence to wait for your child/children. This will help them to keep an eye out for you in the afternoons.

You can assist our 'covid friendly' practices by talking through the day drop off and pickup routine with your child.
The day routine for our Prep and Year 1 students at school next week will resume as it was prior to the break however we will be encouraging students to continue practicing good hygiene and some social distancing practices where appropriate. Our playground will be open for Prep – Year 1 but sanitised after each break. Other playgrounds will remain closed next week.

Parents of students in Prep-Year 1 who make the conscious decision not to return to school on Monday are responsible for their learning program as our formal remote learning program will cease. Parents will still be able to access the department's learning from home website and can continue to work on the Learning Booklets that have already been provided. If there are any changes to this arrangement we will advise families.

Assessment and Reporting
Our Head of Curriculum is also currently working with our teachers to develop our school's modified assessment plan for Semester One. This document will inform what our teachers will be reporting to parents on for Semester One 2020. Reporting to parents will reflect the nature of learning at this time. It is important to recognise that most students, all going well, will still have undertaken the majority of their time learning at school compared to learning at home. We will publish further information regarding reporting at a later date.

Even though report cards will be released, it is important to remember:
• Reporting will reflect the nature of learning at this time
• Every school is in the same position.
• Every student is in the same position

Thank you for your assistance with these new guidelines.

Tom Cameron - Principal

Sam Harvey - Deputy Principal

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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020