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Mrs R Talbot

Wonderful Literacy and Numeracy Sites!

There are numerous web sites that will accommodate students who have different learning styles and needs. Below is a hotlist of fantastic sites that have been trialled and utilised in our classrooms already. Some of the information about these sites comes from a book called “Weally Wonderful Websites” by Gerry Kennedy.

Literacy Activities and Games

Starfall - This site will motivate students to read with phonics based approach.

BBC literacy - This site has lots of different and challenging games to help students develop their literacy skills.

Funbrain - This site has games from different subject areas. These games will help to improve writing, reading and vocabulary.

PBS kids - PBS kids is a website where students are presented with bright, colourful and interactive games. They are also based on popular television shows.

Nick Jr - This website is part of the popular TV channel Nick Jr. It allows students to play a variety of games featuring television characters.

Read Write Think - This site has many games that have multiple difficulty levels. Students can progress in their different literacy development through interactive games.

Woodlands Junior - This UK site offers a great range of literacy games and exercises.

BBC Bytesize - Another UK site that offers reading, writing, spelling and grammar games and activities.

Reading Eggs - ABC Reading Eggs makes learning interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. Students work through individual programs to improve their phonics and reading. You can trial the program for free for a certain period.

Ambleside Primary - This site will help students practice their spelling words using the Look, Cover, Write, Check Strategy

Mathematics Games and Activities

Coolmath Games - This is a great site for maths activities including puzzles, games, jigsaw puzzles and quizzes.

Math Playground - This site has more than 100 fun, interactive games which can build on what has been learnt in class.  

Mathisfun - This site was set up to help students and parents with maths homework. It covers a wide range of mathematical concepts with the addition of games and puzzles.

A maths dictionary for kids - A useful site to help students with mathematical terms. It has animated and interactive definitions and examples.


We have had a whole school focus on reading this year and each classroom has been taking part in daily guided reading sessions. Daily reading practice is crucial to your child’s reading development especially in the early years. To help parents with this at home we have developed a ‘cheat sheet’ that outlines steps in how to read with your child. 

Happy reading!                                                                                 

Rebecca Talbot (STLaN)

Last reviewed 29 January 2021
Last updated 29 January 2021