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Every day counts


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Being at school every day counts. If your child is absent one day per week, this quickly adds up to two months of missed school in a year. 

Every day counts is an initiative aiming to improve attendance at school. The initiative promotes four key messages:

  • all children should be enrolled at school and attend on every school day

  • schools should monitor, communicate and implement strategies to improve regular school attendance

  • truanting can place a student in unsafe situations and impact on their future employability and life choices

  • attendance at school is the responsibility of everyone in the community. 

Find out more about the Every day counts initiative from Education Queensland. 

Attendance at school every day gives your child the best opportunity to do well.
Just a little bit doesn’t seem much but ……
He/ She is only missing just….
That equals….
Which is…..
& over 13 yrs of schooling that’s...
10 mins per day
50 mins per wk
Nearly 1.5 wks per yr
Nearly ½ year
20 mins per day
1hr 40 mins per wk
Over 2.5 wks per yr
Nearly 1 yr
Half hr per day
Half a day per wk
4 wks per yr
Nearly 1½ yrs
1hr per day
1 day per wk
8 wks per yr
Over 2½ yrs