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Health and Physical Education (HPE) Update!

Mr Frank Miller, email to:

HPE program 

Health and Physical Education Lessons are taken by our HPE Specialist, Mr Frank Miller.

Our HPE program focuses on developing essential skills for essential sports that students will participate in at primary school at a school level and a representative level within the Sunnybank District of Sport and beyond.

In Term 1 students develop the knowledge, skills and fitness required to run in a Long Distance Cross Country race, culminating with students participating in our school's annual Cross Country Carnival at the end of Term 1.  Students in the 10yr, 11yr, 12yr age group who finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th go on to represent our school at the Sunnybank District Cross Country Carnival.  Our junior students (Prep - Grade 3's) compete in a Junior Cross Country Carnival where the emphasis is on fun, fitness and development.

In Term 2 students learn, practice and develop skills in Athletics for participation in our school's annual Athletics Carnival at the end of Term 2.  Our senior students participate in 100m, 200m Sprints, an 800m Run, a 4 x 100m Relay, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus.  Students who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Track events qualify and gain selection to represent our school at the Sunnybank District Athletics Carnival.  Students who throw/jump a qualifying distance/height qualify for Field Events at the District Carnival.

Our junior students (Preps – Grade 3’s) participate in a Junior Athletics Carnival. Students take part in a 50m Sprint, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Tabloid Games. The emphasis of this carnival is on fun, participation and the development of athletics skills for completion in later years in our Senior Carnival.






In Term 3 students learn a variety of skills required to participate in a range of Team Sports including Soccer, Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball. Senior Students learn the skills and rules before practicing these skills and knowledge in a game situation. This also prepares our students for representing our school in Inter-School Sport within the district. At the same time, our Junior students participate in a Perceptual Motor Program that focuses on developing key skills (throwing, catching, bouncing, passing, shooting, striking, running/moving in space) for participation and use in team sports in later years at a senior level.

In Term 4 students participate in a Gymnastics Program. Students learn a variety of basic gymnastics skills and manoeuvres on mats, mini-trampolines, vaults and balance beams. Students learn how to perform a handstand, cartwheel, forward roll, and basic gymnastics jumps and landings over a foam vault and onto a mat.

We end the year with a bit of fun! TBAQ (Ten Pin Bowling Association of Queensland) come out to Kuraby and lend us five Port-a-Bowl kits for the kids to learn how to play and have fun playing Ten Pin Bowling games for the last five weeks of the school year.

Inter-school sport

In the Semester One season of Sport students have the opportunity to represent our school in the Sunnybank District Inter-School Sport Gala Day competition. Students have the choice to compete in Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Softball.

In the Semester Two season of Sport students have the opportunity to again represent our school in the Sunnybank Inter-School Sport Gala Day Competition. In Semester Two students have the choice to represent the school in Cricket, AFL, Touch Football and Netball.