Health and Physical Education

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Health and Physical Education Lessons are taken by our HPE Specialist, Mrs Tenille Lloyd.

All students at Kuraby learn Health and Physical Education which is aligned to the current National HPE Curriculum. One Unit is taught per Term so students can develop essential skills and refine these skills in the designated activity or sport. As students progress each year, they build on their previous knowledge in order to master physical skills, equipping students with the skills they need to participate in a range of sports.
In Term 1 students participate in our school's annual Cross Country Carnival and Fun Run. The Kuraby Fitness Club is offered every Wednesday morning at 8:15am to all students to develop their endurance in preparation for the Carnival. The Senior Carnival is for all Year 3 to Year 6 students.
In Term 2 students learn, practice and develop skills in Athletics for participation in our school's annual Athletics Carnival towards the end of the Term. Training is held most breaks, concentrating on a specific discipline each day in order to grasp basic skills and build on previous knowledge. Our Senior students have the opportunity to participate in the 100m, 200m, 800m, 4 x 100m Shuttle Relay, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus. Our Junior students (Prep – Grade 2) participate in a Junior Athletics Carnival. Students take part in a 50m Sprint, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Tabloid Games. The emphasis of this carnival is on fun, participation and the development of athletics skills for completion in later years in our Senior Carnival.

Representative Sport (10, 11 and 12 Years only)

Students at Kuraby are given the opportunity to represent their school and the Eastern Taipans District (formerly Sunnybank District) in a range of sports. Notices will be put in the newsletter on upcoming trials. Students will be seen during PE or class, and posters will be hung around the school to make students aware of the trial. Any student can get a form from Mrs Lloyd, but must display quality skills or play at a Club or Rep level. Where there are many students wishing to trial for a sport, a session will be held to select the school representatives, as only 2 students per age group can proceed to the District Trial.  For Cross Country in Term 1, the top 6 students in the 10, 11, and 12 year age group could possibly go on to represent our school at the District Cross Country Carnival if they meet the time limit set for their age group.  Our junior students (Prep - Year 2) compete in a Junior Cross Country Carnival where the emphasis is on fun, fitness and development of running skills. For Track and Field, students who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Track events, or throw/ jump the required qualifying distance/height, could possibly gain selection in the Kuraby Track and Field Team to compete at the Eastern Taipans District Athletics Carnival

Inter-school (Gala Day) Sport

Students have the opportunity to represent our school in the Sunnybank District Inter-School Sport Gala Day competition against other schools in our area, an all-day competition held over 3 days throughout the year. In Semester 2, students will have the opportunity to participate in Cricket, Touch Football and Netball. These sports can change depending on demand.

Friday Afternoon Sport

When Gala Days are not being held, all Year 5 and 6 students participate in a variety of sports on a Friday afternoon. This is aimed to provide students with an opportunity to build on their skills and teamwork in a non-competitive, friendly and familiar environment.

Kuraby Fitness Club every Wednesday 8:15-8:30am

All students are welcome to participate in the Fitness Club. The main focus is endurance (doing laps of the junior cross-country course for 15 minutes), however, other forms of fitness may be addressed at various times during the year. 
Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020